About TS-PCS

embeddedTS Product Communication System (TS-PCS) is a subscription based notification system to inform embeddedTS customers of product notices or changes for the products they're interested in. We strive to maintain hardware and software stability on our products over the full lifetime of the product, but sometimes minor changes may be required. This system is our centralized mechanism for notifying customers of any changes that impact the products they have subscribed for.

Notifications are sent via email to anyone subscribed at the time the notice is created. All previously posted notices can also be reviewed and printed using this website.

Notices are sent for changes such as, but not limited to, significant hardware changes, preinstalled software changes, and price changes. All notices will include information on any actions a customer may need to take to support the change.

Significant hardware changes include PCB revisions or new alternate major components (i.e. memory unit). Please note that minor part qualifications (i.e. resistors and capacitors) may be completed without notifications.

Software changes include updates made to the preinstalled software image shipping with a embeddedTS device (i.e. Kernel updates, bug fixes to TS utilities).

Rarely embeddedTS suppliers push significant price increases or terminate production on a component that is used by a embeddedTS device. Typically these changes can be absorbed without impact on our customers, but if this is not possible, this system will be used to notify customers of upcoming product price changes or last time purchase/stocking opportunities.

At this time, subscriptions to custom products are not supported. Talk with your embeddedTS sales representative to find out what standard products may be applicable to your custom product.