Image Update for XNAND2 Compatibility Enhancement

Notice Id: 179
URL: Type: Firmware Update
Contains Board Revisions: No
Effective On: May 02, 2022
Published: April 07, 2022
Products Affected: TS-4500, TS-7500, TS-7520, TS-7550, TS-7552, TS-7553, TS-7558, TS-8100-4500

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to notify you of an Image Update for XNAND2 Compatibility Enhancement on a product you've purchased from embeddedTS.

The affected products are: TS-4500, TS-7500, TS-7520, TS-7550, TS-7552, TS-7553, TS-7558, TS-8100-4500

XNAND2 technology was previously rolled out on the Cavium CPU based series. This update cleans up a number of small details to enhance the system's overall compatibility with XNAND2 formatted devices in regards to built-in development commands for manipulation of the initramfs on a live system.

The changes were made to the initramfs 'save' command variants when modifying NAND. These commands are not normally used by any runtime processes and are generally implemented as part of an end production process. The changes make end production processes using these commands more robust. Adding more verbose error messages, flushing Linux cache when writing data to disk, and using NBD block devices rather than additional instances of the XNAND2 utility 'nandctl'.

This image also re-synchronizes the SPI, SD, and NAND MBR/kernel/initramfs images to use all of the exact same image to increase cross-product compatibility when production devices are used on multiple products.

Please contact us before May 2, 2022 (1 year ago) if you have questions regarding your production workflow in regards to this change.

embeddedTS appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or by filling out the contact us form at

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