Migration from "32F" to "128F" for TS-7400

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URL: Type: OS Update
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Effective On: Dec 01, 2019
Published: November 21, 2019
Products Affected: TS-7400

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to offer guidance on the Migration from "32F" to "128F" for TS-7400.  Technologic Systems previously notified customers that the TS-7400 would be consolidating to the 128 MByte Flash offerings.  For a majority of applications this will have no impact to the customers software or production processes.  However there are a few applications that will need a little more assistance, if your application meets the guidelines below please contact us for further details regarding the software transition requirements.

The affected products are: TS-7400

Most customers will not notice the 32MB to 128MB upgrade, however if the application requires the Linux Kernel that is shipped on the unit be replaced completely with a custom kernel there may be issues as the "128F" product requires a different kernel image to handle the differences in the hardware.

Please note: Most customer production mechanisms do not  "re-image" or replace the pre-loaded kernel on the SBC. 

To determine if a production process is replacing the kernel shipped on the unit, check for one of these signs: 

1.  Production process uses a TS-9441 Production Tool with Boot Jumper Installed to modify or replace the contents of the kernel partition, /dev/mtdblock/1 or /dev/mtd/1.

2.  Production process uses a USB mass storage device to modify or replace the contents of the kernel partition, /dev/mtdblock/1 or /dev/mtd/1

3. Production process enables booting to SD card via TS-SDBOOT bootloader, and NAND flash is accessed while booted from SD. 

Please contact us at if your production process uses one of these mechanisms and the Technologic Systems Engineering and production teams will assist you with the transition.

Technologic Systems appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or filling out the contact us form at

Best Regards,

Technologic Systems
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