New Ethernet PHY Errata Published for the TS-4900

Notice Id: 39
URL: Type: General
Contains Board Revisions: No
Effective On: Oct 11, 2016
Published: October 12, 2016
Products Affected: TS-4900, TS-TPC-8390-4900, TS-TPC-8950-4900

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to update you on a New Ethernet PHY Errata Published for the TS-4900.

The affected products are: TS-4900, TS-TPC-8390-4900, TS-TPC-8950-4900

Microchip, the manufacture of the Ethernet PHY utilized on the TS-4900, recently published a new errata that may effect the ethernet performance in some applications.  Microchip discovered that the PHY violates some of the IEEE specifications for Gigabit (1000base-T) ethernet links.  This errata will only effect applications where the PHY on the other end of the ethernet cable is also borderline or in violation of the IEEE specifications.  In these cases the link could drop or otherwise be unreliable.  The effects of this errata can be mitigated by selecting connected ethernet devices that meet or exceed the IEEE specifications, or by running the link in 100base-T mode. 

For more details please refer to the TS-4900 user manual:

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