TS-7970 Board Revision Change from Rev G to Rev H

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Effective On: Dec 01, 2022
Published: October 07, 2022
Products Affected: TS-7970

Dear Valued Customer,

We are contacting you today to notify you of the TS-7970 Board Revision Change from Rev G to Rev H.  embeddedTS is updating this product to improve  product lead times.  There is no functional impact to the product (the change is form/fit/function drop in) and it is fully compatible with all existing application software.  The updated PCB design will start shipping on all orders effective immediately.   Some smaller sample size orders will be shipping with the new revision over the next 3 months, and full volume production will resume in January of 2023.  It is our hope that this allows us to ship TS-7970 products with reasonable lead times for the foreseeable future.  The hardware re-design will have absolutely no impact on any software that runs on the system - from your application all the way down to the Linux kernel and U-Boot boot software. 

The affected products are: TS-7970

The major component shortage preventing us from building TS-7970s  has been a Lattice FPGA.  embeddedTS has been working closely with Lattice to resolve this situation. The teams have arrived at a long term solution that addresses the immediate issue as well as puts us in a position to ensure long term supply stability.  Lattice had an unplanned surplus of a closely related FPGA device and offered these parts first to embeddedTS.  embeddedTS  immediately invested in enough of this inventory to fulfill all open TS-7970 orders as well as cover an additional year of new orders.  We are proactively placing orders for the next several years on this part, which will allow Lattice the ability to guarantee us uninterrupted supply.
We will also be changing two other components on this revision which had suffered excessive lead times: the System Monitoring Microcontroller and Real Time Clock IC.  One of our supply chain partners has worked with us to identify a Microcontroller that can support both the System Monitoring and RTC features - and is able to guarantee us an uninterrupted supply of this part.
The embeddedTS engineering team has completed the redesign of the hardware and underlying firmware to support this change and are pleased to announce that the new PCB revision is fully operational.  There will be no impact to the board support package or to the application software, although a new version of U-Boot and Linux utilities for PCB revision detection will be made available in our public Git repository.  There are some corner features of the Real Time Clock that do not migrate.  Please contact us if you require the temperature compensation features of the RTC.   There are also new Windows 7 USB Console drivers available from our User Manual. For  Windows 8 and newer, as well as Linux and Mac OSes, the drivers are integrated into the OS.

Production runs will begin in January and all open orders will begin to ship in the order in which they were received.   Please note that all open orders will be shifted to the new revision as we are unable to manufacture the older revisions due to component availability issues.
We look forward to rolling out this supply chain stable solution with you.  We will still face some lead time challenges with the main NXP i.MX6 processor and are hopeful that by rolling out this solution many TS-7970 orders will begin to ship with reasonable lead times.

embeddedTS appreciates your business. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us by either replying to this email or by filling out the contact us form at

Best Regards,

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