TS-TPC-7395 Notices

ID Type Title Revision Change Products Effective Published
199 EOL Component Ethernet Jack Metal Shielding Change TS-7395 TS-7500 TS-7520 TS-7520-BOX TS-7550 TS-7552 TS-7553 TS-7553-V2 TS-7558 TS-7558-BOX TS-7580-BOX TS-7600 TS-7670 TS-7680 TS-7700 TS-TPC-7395 01-01-2023 11-02-2022
196 EOL Component Processor Last Time Buy offer for TS-72xx, TS-73xx, TS-74xx & TS-TPC-739x TS-7200 TS-7250 TS-7260 TS-7300 TS-7350 TS-7370 TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-7400 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 10-06-2022 07-18-2022
174 BOM Update SD Card Upgrade From 8 GB to 16 GB TS-7260 TS-7300 TS-7350 TS-7370 TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-7400 TS-7800 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 07-14-2021 07-14-2021
163 BOM Update New TPC Bezel Surface Finish TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 TS-TPC-8390 TS-TPC-8390-4600 TS-TPC-8390-4700 TS-TPC-8390-4710 TS-TPC-8390-4720 TS-TPC-8390-4800 TS-TPC-8390-4900 01-03-2021 12-02-2020
118 BOM Update New 7-inch Resistitve Touch LCD Factories Approved for TS-TPC Products TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 TS-TPC-7990 TS-TPC-8390 TS-TPC-8390-4700 TS-TPC-8390-4710 TS-TPC-8390-4800 TS-TPC-8390-4900 07-16-2019 06-03-2019
124 EOL Component New Video RAM Qualified on the TS-TPC-7390 & TS-TPC-7395 with Updated Shipping FPGA Image Yes TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 06-16-2019 06-04-2019
125 BOM Update Configuration Consolidation on the TS-TPC-7390 & TS-TPC-7395 Product Family TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 06-16-2019 06-03-2019
105 BOM Update Fuse Component's UL Certification Update TS-5300 TS-5600 TS-5700 TS-7200 TS-7250 TS-7250-V2 TS-7300 TS-7350 TS-7370 TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-7400 TS-7500 TS-7550 TS-7600 TS-7670 TS-7680 TS-7700 TS-7800 TS-8150 TS-8150-4710 TS-8150-4712 TS-8150-4720 TS-DIO24 TS-DIO64 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 03-03-2019 03-04-2019
48 EOL Component Minor Audio Change on the TS-7390 and TS-7395 TS-7390 TS-7395 TS-TPC-7390 TS-TPC-7395 01-26-2017 01-27-2017
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